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PS Sadar Sri Muktsar Sahib recovered total 1 KG. Opium || PS Lambi recovered total 20 Kg. Poppy Husk || PS Lambi recovered total 1 Kg.Opium ||
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  List Of :Colleges
Sr No. Name Address Phone No. Website Police Station
1 Maharaja Ranjit Singh College Burja Road Village Malout 01637-322932 www.mrsc.co.in Ps Sdr Mlt
2 D.A.V Collage Malout Ps City Mlt
3 Mimit Malout Ps City Mlt
4 G.T.B KHALSA POLYTECHNIC CALLEGE Chhpainwali 9317945017,97807-22181 www.gtbkpc.org Ps Kabarwala
5 BABADEEP SINGH POLYTECHNIC CALLEGE Panniwala Fatta 93567-28884 www.punjabteched.com Ps Kabarwala
6 C.G.M ING.Collage Mohlan 98767-15103 www.punjabcollages.com Ps Kabarwala
7 Govt. Collage SikhWala 97803-62016 Ps Lambi
8 Guru Nanak Colage Mandi Killian Wali 99882-05939 Ps Lambi
9 Dashmeh Girls Collage badal 01637-244596 Ps Lambi
10 State Institute of para medical collage badal 01637-244208 Ps Lambi
11 Driving and Skill Collage mahuaina 81466-66951 Ps Lambi
12 B.Ed Collage badal 01637-244719 Ps Lambi
13 Govt Polytechnic Collage SikhWala 98557-04444 Ps Lambi
14 Bhai Maha Singh College of Engineering KK Road Sri Muktsar Sahib 01633-264459 PS Sadar SMS
15 Adesh Polytechnic College Vill. Marhmallu 01633-253050 PS Sadar SMS
16 Mai Bhago Ayurvedic College Fzr Road Sri Muktsar Sahib 96531-18517 PS Sadar SMS
17 Desh Bhagat Dental College KK Road Sri Muktsar Sahib 01633-266279 PS Sadar SMS
18 J.D Institute Near Vill. Bhullar PS Sadar SMS
19 Govt. College Sms KK Road Sri Muktsar Sahib 01633-262120 PS Sadar SMS
20 Adesh College of Nursing K.K.P Road,SMS 01633-262952 PS City SMS
21 Khalsa B.ed College Chak road,SMS 01633-26262,98152-81202 PS City SMS
22 Bawa sant Singh B.ed college Near A.D.C Development Office,K.K.P Road,SMS 01633-500166 PS City SMS
23 Guru Nanak college for girls Tibbi sahib road,SMS 84277-00559 PS City SMS
24 E.T.T Training centre, Near guru gobind singh park,K.K.P Road,SMS PS City SMS
25 Regional Centre punjab university Tibbi sahib road,SMS PS City SMS
26 Govt I.T.I Malout road,near bus stand,SMS 01633-261508 ITIMUKTSAR@yahoo.in PS City SMS
27 Saint sahara group of institutes Bathinda road,SMS 01633-211888,84276-79015 PS City SMS
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